1. What is this?
    The Ovid Web API is a RESTFul web service that returns information about one or more books. Query book summaries, chapters, different editions, and links to other online resources about the book(s).
  2. How do I start?
    Complete documentation on the API can be found by clicking the API Help link in the header above.
  3. How do I know which books are accessible?
    Begin with the [GET http://waldenthebook.com/services/api/v1/books/{id}] API call to see a list of the books stored in the system. From there, use the book's 'Id' field with other API calls to query additional information about the book.
  4. What are the terms of use?
    This instance of the Ovid Web API (as part of waldenthebook.com) is accessible for public use without restriction. Attribution is appreciated, but is not required.